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  • By investing with MatrixBit.Club you become a founder of MatrixBit.Club and all our activities over the years to come. That also means you get a piece of the money generated with MatrixBit.Club now and in all future as long you keep investing with us

    Club plan 1% daily for 1 year. Start $10
    Founder 1.5% daily for 1 year. Start $1000
    Founder Manager 2% daily for 1 year. Start $10000


    The return you gain reflect your invested size on any time so its more about what you are capable of or what feels right for you.

    Join our yearly FOUNDER MANAGER conference in Miami Florida "Coconut Grove" where we publish and discuss future project, and most important have a great relaxing time together.

    Stay are fully paid for one full week for all Founder Managers and planned for October 21st, 2017. Looking forward to see you there!

Together we make it possible

Many does make a difference, and we all know that the more invested the more return will come. Today we count almost 200 Founder Managers all with 5 and 6 numbers investment. Many already successful in business for years only expanding and many new comers who want to build their future. To be a Top Founder Manager only require a small investment on $10,000 and we allow a maximum of $250,000 to keep level between our all.

Our Top Founder Managers