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Yes! Anyone can join MatrixBit.Club as long as you are the legal age of minimum 18 years and accept our Terms of Agreement

No! It should not be necessary with more than one account.

And actually you will lose big time open several account and running Matrix plans as you will slow yourself down in closing the Matrix plans with result of getting less Founder Invest plan.

Yes, Any member will have to follow their own countries rules of inform earnings yearly to pay your tax.

We do not have any obligations on this part and is your responsibility fulfill your country and Government rules and laws.

Yes, we offer PTC (paid per click) where you can daily visit and earn money. You do not need to buy a plan or be a founder to earn on PTC.

The Matrix are build in small boxes with 6 spot in each to close it. The program ensure that any open spot 1 and 2 always will be filled by the system as first priority on oldest date. In practice this mean you will fast get filled your first 2 spots and they will likewise you also get their open spot 1 and 2 filled what actually mean that your Matrix will close pretty fast. The system can see difference on who followed you from the beginning so they stay in your line with higher priority.

Believe it or not this system actually generate money and not only pay out. The complex code is set to pay out only 80% at any time with a filled in buffer on time between so even that you get a high return it is still only 80% of the Matrix capacity paid out.

No! Our Matrix are intelligent build with a special system and algorithm to fill up your spot for you.

The system also take noise if you did get referrals and gives you a smaller advance closing the Matrix a bit faster. But its absolutely not something you need to do.

No!. You need to buy at least one Matrix to activate the Founder plans. This rules is put to ensure everyone get the feeling of the greatness in our Matrix system build.

Also it makes more sense buy Matrix plans and keep get both new Matrix plans and Founder investment.

As many as you want. The more you buy the more you keep get plus a one year earning on your Free Founder Investment following on each closing Matrix plan you have.

By investing with MatrixBit.Club you become a founder of MatrixBit.Club and all our activities over the years to come. That also means you get a piece of the money generated with MatrixBit.Club now and in all future as long you keep investing with us

Founders can invest any size from just $10 to $100,000USD

The return you gain reflect your invested size on any time so its more about what you are capable of or what feels right for you.

We support the most popular online payments options such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • DASH
  • mbDash
  • Perfectmoney
  • Payeer

As you maybe already know we have our own online payment processor
Using our processor you can now deposit and cashout with 3 popular coins as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and 2 online processors as Perfectmoney, Payeer

This way you can choose where you want your money to be sent, plus is gives you multiply ways to deposit to your account

Special rule PTC EARNING
All PTC earnings are credited to your mvDash Account from where you can cashout to any other supported payprocessor or coin.
If you not already got your PAY-ID you can signup a free account on banner below. wallet


Payment are done instant to your bitcoin, perfectmoney or Payeer account
If you wish to be able to choose other coins to get paid on we suggest you signup our payprocessor and get a free PAY-ID
You will then get all payment sent to your PAY-ID from where you can choose cashout between all supported coins.


Special rule PTC EARNING
All PTC earnings are credited to your mvDash Account from where you can cashout to any other supported payprocessor or coin.
If you not already got your PAY-ID you can signup a free account on banner below. wallet


Only on cashout we ask a small fee on 2% to cover the cost for the online transactions and management.

Yes, we have a minimum on $1 for all cashout.
This to minimize the huge amount of cashouts we make and for Bitcoin to avoid transaction be returned caused not being mined on Bitcoin network.

We pay instantly 5% to your account wallet on any deposit your referral make to one of the Founder Investment.
This also apply to FREE MEMBER. Mean even you not invested yourself you still earn commission on people you sent to our site.

The reason that you have problems to login would be if you just created a new account and used some special characters in your password. This can sometimes makes trouble as our security filter of many special characters.

Go to forgot and type your email to receive a new password.

In your account user page you will find the icon top-right corner just left from your name. This will show as a profile icon and as your Facebook profile image if you registered with Facebook. Click on it and it will bring you right to your profile information.

The bitcoin funding is all an automated function without need of any human interaction after payment are send from your Bitcoin wallet to us.
The speed for payment to reach receiver will depend on many factors such as time on day (busy hours), mining fee size on transactions and many other.

Bitcoin is controlled by the network and require miners to confirm transaction.
All transactions can be found on what is the main source of the open source network.

The speed to proceed a transaction can vary from a few seconds to several hours all depending on how many transaction are in Que for mining and the size of the fee attached to transaction.
It is possible to send a transaction with no fee on bitcoin but the time for miners to pick it up can be fatal long with risk of the full payment to be finally returned.
The more fee attached the faster you will be mined (getting confirmations).

You can help the speed of your payment being received by selecting to pay a higher fee.
If you have a wallet this settings can be set from "Normal" to "Generous" and will ensure you get confirmations faster than others.
If you use other Bitcoin wallets like, or any else this settings are more likely to be fixed and not to change. Please look in your Bitcoin wallet provider to see if they support fee structure.

MatrixBit.Club are using the API core from open source network and configured to proceed payment both directions fast possible. For in-going payment we require only 1 confirmation to receive and for outgoing we use the "Generous" mode to ensure a user payment is received fast possible.

To activate account we send out a activation link to your email. If you do not see this email in your inbox it is probably in your spam folder or your email provider filtered it off as spam.

What to do!
For obvious reason you will not be able to get our email from contact form so its meaningless send contact help. In stead off do following.

1) Check spam folder and mark as no-spam. You can also "whitelist" our domain to ensure future emails reach you.

2) If email are not in spam folder it is more likely your email provider filter it of as spam. Try contact your email provider and ask them to whitelist our domain

3) If both above fail your last solution is to signup using a better email such as gmail, hotmail.

To provide our advertisers best value for their money with unique visitors on their website we allow only 1 account to each user.

If our system register more than one account both/all of them will be suspended.

If you get a error message while submit the registration form stating that there are a problem with your registration, the reason are as one of the following has been blocked to register our site and filtered off.

1) Your email provider has been blocked to register on our site. We do not allow email providers offering one-time emails for registration. Please use a normal email provider as gmail, hotmail, yahoo.

2) You are using a private domain name and try register a second account using the same. A private domain name are considered as a one person owner and fall under the rules that only one account are allowed per person.

3) You are using a proxy to register to our service. Many proxy IPs are filtered off already with more to come. Try use a straight line to finish the registration.