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Active Members: 5002
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Payeer cashout

After updating our API to new standard we encured a problem processing Payeer instant cashout.

Our team are working on this and hopefully will solve it soon.
Meantime the Payeer will be paid by us manually soon we can reach to it.

Matrixbit club Ltd

2018-01-05 18:43:48

Bitcoin mining fee

With immediate effect we have set a mining fee on Bitcoin cash out.

This to ensure your transfer get mined in short time and not stuck on the mempool for days/weeks.
After all, its better pay a little fee than get paid and never be able to use them for a long time.

The fee will be adjusted daily and can vary between $3 to $12
As a sample $10 will give you a mining fee on 300 satoshi per byte place your transfer in the top. 

Matrixbit club Ltd. 

2018-01-05 18:42:52

Bitcoin update.

Since 6th December Bitcoin faced some extreme numbers of transactions due to the high rising coin price.

This has since then been a nightmare for all wallet providers with transfers far exceeding the mining capability and stack on top each other on the mining pools without confirmations for 3-5 days.

Furthermore we see big sites like and unable to keep their blockchain pool list updated why transfers keep pop out and back as they all try synchronize the data. 

We see transfers made take sometimes several hours before even reach the blockchain pool list. 
We see transfers made suddenly disappear from the blockchain for later to return. 

This is all very frustration for all parts and uncomfortable. 

However I do not fear things will not solve. It will at some point when mining can follow up on transaction made and mining pool list start catch up on each other again synchronize the data. 

But when that will be, nobody really knows. 

To improve our part we have increased the mining fee to 80 satoshi per byte yesterday. This should be helping some part on the way for our members. 

What you can do to help is cash out less times on Bitcoin to help limit the numbers of transactions.
A few big is better than many small. 

This service can help you push your transfer through faster by adding your transfer to the next free mining block. If success the transfer get 1 confirmation in a few hours+.
They do allow only 100 submit per hour so its just to sit tight and be there first on the hour.

Ethereum Instant Beta soon ready!
We try push through on our coin trading platform build to get the engine to run Ethereum transfer on the API and put extra resources of programmers to make this Beta build ready this year already. 

If we succeed the plan is to enable the API for instant cash out on Ethereum. We can then allow those who want to change Bitcoin balance to Ethereum. This should further decrease the Bitcoin transaction and help the overall situation.
As a plus, Ethereum transfer is very fast being confirmed.

Update will reach your mailbox when we know more details.   

Kind regards,

2017-12-14 15:09:40

Bitcoin update

Please notice Bitcoin is getting some heavy beating next 3-4 days with a lot of turmoil and disturbance. Already now the transactions sent on Bitcoin network is very high and it will hurt all Bitcoin users with long waiting time for mining confirmations both ways.

As long the transaction made has a TxHash id the transfer will resolve and confirm as some point.

There is no need to submit a ticket as we are aware of situation and on top of it. 

2017-12-07 14:11:48

New program upgrade

We just upgraded our program to a long waited update making things more easy to manage for you as a member.

Here are some of the highlights

  • Now Instant cash out on Bitcoin, Advcash, Payeer, Perfectmoney
  • New payment options as Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH
  • Automatic transfer of earnings.
  • Complete new build dashboard.
  • 8 language for member area.
  • User Testimonial

The ptc and advertising is planned to be removed end of this week as this is a long passed area. With our upcomming new projects 2018 there are much more important things to keep focus on.

It is important that things work and works well so your feedback is very much appreciated if you find any error or have suggestions.



2017-11-09 19:05:51

Network Failure this morning

It seems OVH was having problems with their fiber optic 100 GB network a few hours early morning after 2 generators running the optic network went down affecting millions of websites went offline.

We were not informed about this and had no warning.

Reportedly all services are back online.

Status on OVH network can be found here.



2017-11-09 10:09:01

Celebrating 2 year in Business, Hidden bonus and new plans for 2018

Hi Founders,

This is probably the most exciting newsletter to this date and I hope you find the time read through all.

Here are some of the headlines

  • Celebrating 2 year anniversary
  • Next upcoming online project
  • The ultimate new business
  • Changes on site
  • Hidden Anniversary Bonus

Celebrating 2 year anniversary
1st. of November 2017 we celebrate a marking-day of 2 year in business were we started as Matrixbit club Association, today the UK registered company Matrixbit Club Ltd.

Since then we have remarkable our self from a simple idea to now holding 337 board members (founder manager), a online Bitcoin wallet mbDash Ltd and our pride of Bittank Ltd as a huge business itself for mining.

And believe me when I say "This was just the start of what is coming"

Next upcoming online project
A week ago on 21st. of October we had the board meeting follow up on last status and make new plans and decisions for year 2018.

One project discussed already on the table was the upcoming live coin exchange and trading. This project is under build last 6 month and expected premiere starting end of February 2018.

The site will support 20 of the most popular coin types all able to live spot trade with graph and instant exchange between the coins.

The ultimate new business
The board all agree on the idea of a new ultimate business project, voted clear in favor and heading to planning now.

We will build and offer our own coin put to open source and run on blockchain mining as other known popular coins today.

We will take advance of the new technology making mining available on websites browsing borrowing visitors cpu power when visiting websites and never face the bottleneck other coin face today of lack of mining and speed of transactions.

Planning is started and we will setup an office for developer team in Germany beginning 2018.
Hopefully this project can complete within 2018. We will know more clear details soon first fase and planning start in Germany.

Changes on site
We have some upcoming changes to our program and I will briefly mention it here.

Within a few weeks the script will be upgraded to a long waited update similar to program. This will give same stability as program have, multi language and instant cash out to all used pay-methods.

Hidden Anniversary Bonus
To celebrate our 2 year anniversary I think it is time to give our members a special bonus.

We offer a 5% bonus increase on any mining plan or founder plan value minimum $100+ bought from NOW until end of 2nd. November 2017(server time).

To collect your bonus we simply ask you to open a support ticket after buying a plan and write the answer to a few simple questions in the ticket you submit.

a. What is our ultimate new project?
b. When did we start in business (y,m,d)?
c. How many board members do we have?

Looking forward for a new and exciting year.





2017-10-28 13:00:53

Server status

It look like we are in the clear and all systems run normal and back in full speed last 20 hours. 
We are very grateful to the server team who managed to ride the storm and beat the culprits testing our systems. 

Servers will be closely monitored but we do believe this is now a past. 

Thank you to all for your patience last couple of days.


2017-10-03 15:05:06

Server status

In the last 2 days we have been hit with mutliply points of attacks and are still under floading attack today.
Please rest asure that we handle this best way possible and work clock around to filter of and create new rules to protect.

This is not a typical DDoS attack what is easily filtered of on the network but floading attack on specific points eating up server resourcess and slowing down page load dramatically. As we keep build new rule-set things only keep improve.

Tonight 8pm GMT the server will be unpluged for 30-60 minutes while installing a new security software.
We prefer doing this offline so site visit does not interfere in process.

Please accept our appologies for not sending news letter updates to all as it is not possible while under attack.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

2017-10-02 09:46:48

Server status

We are currently experiensing some problems on the site why login is temporary disabled while we are working on this.

Service will continue soon


2017-09-30 10:58:06

Server Maintenance Completed!

We have successfully completed our sever update on the RAID system and all user web interface are back online. Our sincere apologies for the longer waiting than expected.

A simple job turned out critical on time when the system administrator faced many complicated configurations to make to get all system work as wanted, beside data transfer in TB size do take up a lot of time to complete. We have been offline now 25 hours total.

Please allow our Bitcoin Core update last net-transactions before making deposit as it will delay things a bit further. Estimated time 5-6 hours updating transaction before normalized.

Please do accept our apologies for delay and thank you for your patience and understanding.


2017-09-14 11:51:11

Bitcoin Fork update, whats going on!

Hi members and Founders,


Many users are worried about the many information coming regarding the announced change in Bitcoin event of an August 1st fork.

The legitimate concerns that Bitcoin would split have been assuaged, because the miners were able to come together and all support Segwit2x, and Segwit has now been locked in on the Bitcoin network.

We are now running Bitcoin nodes on the btc1 codebase, and our system will continue to follow this Segwit2x chain.

Recently there has been some small group trying to force through an unnecessary hard fork, referring to this fork as “BitcoinCash”. We do not support this fork, and think that it is simply an attempt at manipulating the situation in order for the promoters to gain more real Bitcoins. This altcoin has hardly any miners, developers or community supporters.

As such we will not supporting BitcoinCash as a currency, and we will not be giving anyone BitcoinCash.

We appeal to users to not give this altcoin (BCC) credibility as it will potentially make Bitcoin more confusing in the future. If you do not support or care about BitcoinCash then you do not need to do anything; your real bitcoins will continue to work as normal.

I hope this email help clear out the many information coming from multiply sources

We will continue mining at BITTANK LTD the normal Bitcoin and all payments done by you will continue as normal unaffected from what other claim to do.




2017-07-30 14:40:43

Network Failure

Hi Members

Our technical team experienced some network failure with gaps of downtime caused hardware malfunction. An intervention has been carried out to solve the problem and the parts of fault been replaced.

All services are back online and will be close monitored next few days.

Sorry for any inconvenience on the interruption.




2017-07-21 12:24:59

Introducing our new Mining Portal

Be one of the first to join our new Mining Website Service and get a Free $10 Mining Plan for joining.

This offer is valid only for members. Please see rules below.


Rules to get your free $10 Mining Plan
You need to be a member of website
You need at least $50 in active investment
(Investment given from free $14 Matrix does not count)

2017-06-01 11:32:21

New Company Registration and SSL-EV Certificate (Greenbar)

This week we got the company MATRIXBIT CLUB LIMITED registered in UK so we now hold company registrations in AU, UK, HK, US
We also decided to upgrade our standard SSL certificate to COMODO EV SSL (Greenbar) what is already uploaded few days ago. 

Next week we introduce a new website server with sale of Mining packets for any who want to earn money Mining. Program is already running and in final adjustment to final launch month before anticipated planning.

Stay tuned for final updates on our new web service coming up and sorry for the many news sent out on same day but things move very fast at this time and many important things need to be shared.


2017-05-27 09:44:48

Payment Option Updates is added as payment option and is now fully working on both deposit and instant cashout.

More Payment options will be added to the list within 2 weeks from now as:

Skrill, moneybookers

That will give all members 13 different payment options to use two ways. Now we wait just last accounts be approved VERIFIED what is expected 1-2 weeks all done.

2017-05-27 08:50:10


Last month we introduced our Bitcoin Wallet and integrated payment gateways to the program.
Same time we changed the PTC earnings from being paid to Bitcoin now to be paid from our own payment processor

If you are earning money on our PTC page you are required to get your private PAY-ID on You can still get paid to Bitcoin just this time it is done from the website.

You might also have noticed that the program is now split in two separate programs. This so we can more easy separate the Founder Investment part with the advertising part. A big relief for many as things got more easy to find.


2017-05-27 07:47:40

PREMIERE: Bitcoin Wallet service just went public

This is an extraordinary big announcement Celebrating our new online Bitcoin Wallet with own payment processor and exchange.

The wallet come full functional with

  • Live bitcoin transfers and management
  • Live wallet to wallet processor for instant payments
  • Live exchange of different online payment options
  • Full build in API support for online services, merchants and business.
  • Full account management
  • 5 level referral system to any who join

Try it out Live on

With a continually growing need for online transactions Association has made it possible to ensure a long lasting profit to all its Founders and laid the build for a continually development and expansion of future online business added to all its systems.

If you did not notice it before, Association is here to stay and getting stronger and stronger over time. Strong as we are many Founders standing together with strong and suficientcapital to lift the projects to life.

With help from now over 100 high investing Founders we have put a strong foundation to the new using our connections and setup already several thousand online business and merchant using our API to their business.

We need alot of transactions what we already accomplished making this a strong lasting business. 

Now its time to open the doors for the common public to join the venture we all have.

Feel free to explore the new online wallet and join the mass.

Matrixbit.Club Association

2017-03-10 13:59:36

Coming up. Program update this weekend

Dear Members and investors

In this weekend you might find some functions not working while we upgrade the program and its functions to comply with our new online business Bitcoin Wallet Starting up public today.

We will try minimize the disturbance and you will probably not notice to much except some changes in the pages and functions.

We will send you an update when all is completed and explain the changes made.

Thank you,


2017-03-10 13:00:12

Upgrade completed

The server OS has completed within promised time frame and all back online.

Thank you for your patience waiting

2017-02-10 07:12:43

Notise! Server OS upgrade, Offline 3-5 hours tomorrow

Dear Investor, Founder and Advertiser

As we close up on completing our new coin payment site we urgently have the need to upgrade our server OS software to be compatible with new core standard of today used technology.

The new site will support payments on its own core as:

Beside it will operate accepting money from Payeer, Perfectmoney, Visa Card, OKpay and many more as build in exchange between all. We expect the new site be up and fully operational in just a few weeks from now.

Server will be taken off-line by this time exact in 24 hours what we think is most convenient quiet time on the day.

The Upgrade should be approx 3-5 hours until all system are up again.

We are sorry for any inconvenience doing our downtime and appreciate your support that we make things better and more exciting.


MatrixBit.Club Association

2017-02-09 04:15:21

Happy New Year 2017

Dear members and investors.

A Happy New Year 2017 to you and your family.

This year will be extra ordinary excising for all of us when we very very soon introduce our own build Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin wallet. This was a main priority from we started back in November 2015 as will be our main source for all investors paycheck many many years ahead.

Building the Bitcoin program would never have succeeded without your contribution to, so we can not thank you enough for taken part of this on a early stage in 2015 and 2016.

The main part of your all investment as Founder was used for this programming on a full year build. We are now in last stage testing the system live online and will very soon be able to introduce it for all.

But wait, more is coming this year.
Without go in details some few more things will be introduced in 2017
-Bitcoin Trading Platform. Live trading and connected to our Bitcoin Core.
-Bitcoin PayProcessor Exchange
-Bitcoin Mining Servers and Mining Server sale

Coming changes in current program
-Split up PTC, advertising and Founder program so they are kept separate. This will open up for instant Bitcoin payment again on Founder program.
-Change values on Matrix plans to speed up receive new Free Matrix plans.

As you maybe now can understand 2017 will be a very existing year for all of us and we can not wait get it all started fast.


MatrixBit.Club Association

2017-01-04 08:33:40


Hello trusted members

Everything has and end and it seemed to hit our server on 24th. September with a hard-disk crash.

Under normal conditions this kind is not fatal and can be fixed in matter of few hours but in this case the data was not accessible in any way and we had to order hard-disk sent to a lab for recover all data.

We have finally succeeded get data back save and got everything online again with no data loss.

You can now access your account and continue as usual and believe me when I say. We are all truly sorry for the incident occurred and apologies for any trouble caused.


MatrixBit.Club Association

2016-09-30 03:31:54

WOW! Bitcoin just doubled up value

What an amazing week!
Our Bitcoin Cash holdings just went up sky-high and doubled the Founders capital.

We got 1.1million in holdings before and now amazing 2.1 million in cash stacked up.

All Founder Manager, part owners of MatrixBit.Club Association will today receive a Bonus cash deposit 30% in bitcoin as turnover on the initial invested.

This bonus was not planned and not part of the original plan but as Founder Manager status you own a share of any money generated in MatrixBit.Club Association and any other programs and activity own by Matrixbit.Club Association.

Also we are right now transferring 40% to $USD to build more programs as planned with more advanced technology in bitcoin arena as it seems this is where we should be.

I hope you all enjoyed this positive and amazing news and want to thank you all for make this happen and wish you all the best


MatrixBit.Club Association

2016-06-16 03:43:04

Server system update upcomming!

Our visitor numbers seems kick sky-high with hundrets of users per minute why we need adjust the server configuration match this number.

Please accept our apologies for any instabilities loading the website. Soon as the new configuration are set all will perform very well.

We expect last adjustment are done by tomorrow on 19th. April

Thank you!


2016-04-18 14:03:01

Bitcoin Update! Important!

Blockchain Bitcoin update.

As you might already noticed the Bitcoin are updating their systems to a new wallet system and API for both deposit and cashout.
This has been ongoing since last Thursday and we are still unable to proceed payment both ways.
Bitcoin Temporary Deposit
To make a deposit using Bitcoin we suggest you manually send the amount to our Bitcoin address then send us a ticket with the transaction ID
Bitcoin Wallet Deposit: 14z3gjXmitS7LS7LL62Uvwrbsbcz7CpWVP

Bitcoin Cashout
While the Blockchain API is not operational we proceed some of the payment manually. However we are only allowed to send 5 at a time then wait for confirmations. So this is very very time consuming. Hopefully the Blockchain API will be up running shortly so all can be sent out in a one time and instant as usual.

We have programmers ready to adapt to the changes Blockchain make so system can be up normal in short possible time.

You will receive an update soon as Bitcoin are back to normal.



2016-02-22 03:50:34

New user video testimonial

Thank you for taking your time make a short testimonial for
Your reward on a free matrix plan has been added to your account.

You can also get a free matrix plan by shoting a short video and send to our email.

Video Testimonial

2016-02-08 11:12:13

New user video testimonial

Thank you for taking your time make a short testimonial for
Your reward on a free matrix plan has been added to your account.

You can also get a free matrix plan by shoting a short video and send to our email.

Video Testimonial

2016-02-05 13:00:38

New user video testimonial

Thank you for taking your time make a short testimonial for
Your reward on a free matrix plan has been added to your account.

You can also get a free matrix plan by shoting a short video and send to our email.

Video Testimonial

2016-02-05 10:12:31

New user video testimonial

Thank you for taking your time make a short testimonial for
Your reward on a free matrix plan has been added to your account.

You can also get a free matrix plan by shoting a short video and send to our email.

Video Testimonial

2016-02-05 10:11:24

New user video testimonial

Thank you for taking your time make a short testimonial for
Your reward on a free matrix plan has been added to your account.

You can also get a free matrix plan by shoting a short video and send to our email.

Video Testimonial

2016-02-05 10:09:48

New user video testimonial

Thank you for taking your time make a short testimonial for
Your reward on a free matrix plan has been added to your account.

You can also get a free matrix plan by shoting a short video and send to our email.

Video Testimonial

2016-02-05 10:02:39


A new month has started and we turn up again for promoting our program. As you noticed already CRAZY 3000+ people are online on the website at same time. This look promising!

Right now we give away free $10 Matrix plans if you submit us a short video testimonial.
Just attach the recorded video to a email and send it to
And remember to include your username.



2016-02-01 09:21:40

Matrixbit.Club Forever

MatrixBit.Club Forever!

2016-01-31 08:22:39

Who are we and whats all the Buzz about?

Matrix bit Intelligence!

2016-01-21 09:43:18

Member Info

Hope you enjoy our service and enjoy being a part of MatrixBit.Club

Our goal is to make this a very popular service and will continually add more programs to MatrixBit.Club Association.

In this week we start out with a long line of planned advertising campaigns to blow this to the skies. This will continue this month out then revise the result before running a second 2 weeks wave on advertising for the next month.

We now managed to get a total of 72 Founder Managers (me incl.) all with a total investment on $15000 each what brings the Association account balance up to amazing 1.08mill USD to create MatrixBit.Club Associations future.
(not incl. the normal plans investment and sale)

The balance will be added to each founders account on a special plan so they all can follow his/her transaction.

If you wish to become a Full part Founder Manager and get part of money generated in Matrixbit.Club Association you can any time drop me a line on email. I will contact you directly.

And for those who cannot go in full with this big investment, still remember we have our variable Founder Investment starting low as $10 to $10,000 so any one can join and be part of Matrixbit.Club future earnings.

Account Suspension
There seems to be some confusion regarding users had their account suspended.

Let us make this clear to all and point up the simple rules.
"We do not tolerate multiply account"

We have to ensure the service are kept in top shape and we can deliver quality traffic to our advertisers. Better quality=more sale. So we have absolutely 0 tolerance for members trying hide behind proxy or using 3rd. part program to automatize the ptc view.

The reason you found your account suspended can be one of the following.
1. You registered more than one account
2. You used a proxy ip address also used by another
3. You used a code/program to get more earnings
4 You tried force the PTC page to reload/refresh or open in more than one browser.

As you can see many things can trigger the security to suspend your account and we have no intention re-open it for you if you already fall into one of the categories even it was not your fault or intention.

Just keep in mind the following.
1. Do not use proxy but use your real IP
2. Keep only one account active at all time
3. Do not force the PTC add page while counting.

It really is simple and luckily most members know how to follow this and enjoy their free PTC earnings.


Matrixbit.Club Association

2016-01-20 05:58:05

Happy New Year, Matrix updates 2016

Hope you had an amazing New Year.

MatrixBit.Club are back after some few days off celebrate as well and you can soon look forward to a extraordinary grown speed on the service when we start our huge advertising campaigns planned start in 2nd. week January 2016

The system has now been tested since 1st. November to ensure we can handle that many users and it seems successful. So now we move as planned to the planned promotions and run some heavy campaigns to speed things up.

Dont get a shock when you see online numbers are in a few thousand. That is sure expected.

Now that you have tried the PTC and got paid INSTANT you might wondering how you can earn more. Then you should buy a ONE TIME ONLY Matrix Plan what will give you UNLIMITED AND FREE $14 INVESTMENT PLANS

The rules on Matrix a simple.
Every time a Matrix close you get a new for FREE
+ you get a 1% invest plan FREE so you can cash out daily.

Short told your first time deposit on $10 will keep give you $14 plans + the 1% earnings on plans FOREVER. and without any work from you.

If you need any help or guidance how it work, feel free to drop us a ticket and we will take the time to explain details for you.


Matrixbit.Club Association

2016-01-04 11:29:19

Get a BLAST out of Christmas!

Dear Member,

Christmas is closing up snappy and we are all feeling the Christmas spirit exciting us to extended level of excitement.

Let us be a part of your Christmas spirit warming and sharing happiness.

Christmas Eve Special
We deliver Guarantied 30 PTC advertisement for a one day only to celebrate the Christmas.
Do not miss out a few good $ on your account. And do not forget WE PAY YOU INSTANTLY

Also remember that every 24 hours you have new PTC ads to click on and get paid on.

Matrixbit.Club Association

2015-12-18 16:59:36

Instant cashout - No waiting!

New PTC Banners every 24 hours.

Click new ads every day
Instant cashout to your Bitcoin - No waiting!

Minimum cashout on $1 are removed completely all this year out until the number of members are getting high enough to accelerate grown by its own . This should help to boost both advertiser interest and viewer what is the essence to get a good and solid PTC service years to come.

Remember that you can click and earn every 24 hours on the same PTS ads, so do not forget to log in every day.

2015-11-28 05:36:22

Greetings all Founders and users!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC time and enjoy what we offer.

As you maybe noticed we are not in a big hurry get this blown up to extremes just YET! But it will soon as we get ready!

Things need to take a bit time and get organized so it move in right direction.

So whats going on and how we move on here.
First we are about to organize deposits and advertising from our Founders. This program is started by a group of about 60 Founders who equal share and take part by investing creating this program and get it promoted. You will see many thing is still under build and ongoing as this has a long way still to be a 4million + user program, and will be!!!.

Each Founder from main group agreed upon a deposit of 15kUSD each what all will figure in the program in numbers. One Founder (me) is keeping record on all activity and help organize program, contacts and development. I will figure as the main contact and you are more than welcome connect to me directly if you decide be part of the main Founders. We will get to that later. You also might notice the investment made here is not a typical investment program but indeed to be part as one of the Founders big as small. Its all about what fit you. And if you wish move up the rank to main investor just give me a buzz and we will find a solution on that to.

Some news is we have now fully integrated a instant cashout on all processor used. You will find that this program will be setup most possible as self-running as it can possible be and support and help will be done from volunteer or Founders as we plan on the way. But basically anyone can join and help out also on the support area.

Many Founders asked to the Facebook signup being finished and it now is. Now users can signup just in one click and login in one click. Also we created a few banners with to the Facebook wall size so it look nice. Se sample below. Its ready in your account with link, so enjoy and lets move on!

2015-11-07 13:28:20

Thank you for dropping by!

Congratulation Dear Visitor!

You are now one step closer to discover the worlds first and only Intelligent MatrixBit.Club plan.

To get started you need just to follow a few easy steps
1) Register a free account and login

2) Click the orange button "Wallet Deposit" and select the option fit you best to get money in your balance.

3) Click the orange button "Matrix" and follow a few steps to purchase.

FYI you can buy many plans as you like and they will all keep give you new Matrix from now on to eternity.

Each month we will give out FREE MATRIX PLANS 1 for every 20 plans to the top 5 users with most active Matrix plans. More news will follow. Enjoy! MatrixBit.Club

2015-11-01 13:55:15